Monday, May 21, 2007

Breaking the Chain

I thought I needed to make a post sooner or later so here you are.
This is a series of ads I made for my marketing project in my Media class this year-- the assignment was to try to intrest as many different groups as possible in the same product. Let me know which one works best whydontchya.

Advertising Technique : Violence

Advertising Technique: Sex

Advertising Technique: Stupid Humor

Advertising Technique : Beauty

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Happiness is a Warm Gun

There is no way to describe the feeling I got yesterday looking out the airplane window as we were landing in the airport. I was returning from my five day holiday in Nice, France, home of the sparking water, bright buildings, clear sky and sunshine. To go from that back to Canada-- home of snow, soggy winter boots, running noses and chain smoking poutine eating bus driving Quebecers was not in any way pleasant.
But I will always have my memories, and of course, my souvenirs-- which I will be sure to post pictures of once I get around to it-- to remind me of the five days I spent in paradise.

My Favourite Place in the World.

Louis Vuitton on Rue Paradis

On the Street

Pucci Dresses

Rue Massena

The Flea Market

Me in Monte Carlo

Lovely French Lingerie

Saturday, March 03, 2007

The Art of Distraction

Between trying to finish my heinous french homework, working on a movie for my media class, my oh-so busy social schedule (aka lame school dance), work, and stressing about wheather I left the stove on each morning, I still manage to waste a certain amount of time on the computer. So I thought I'd make sure it was time well wasted and do a fashion post.

I was browsing through and came across a ready to wear fall collection that I quite liked: Malandrino

I like the retro-ness(like my slick fashion-speak?)-- it was nice and not overdone, and the clothes were pretty and flattering.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Which Way to the StarWars Convention?

If she wern't being slowly crushed by what seems to be a giant teacup, what do you think she would say?

Saturday, February 17, 2007

When a Kit Kat Just Won't Cut It
My Top Five Suggestions for Relaxation

[1] Old Movies

There are few things that are as wonderfull as lying on your sofa with a box of cookies and an old flick. Old movies tend to be low-key, so there won't be many expolsions or stimulating images to make you feel anxious or stressed. And I believe there is something very comforting in their stories-- something timeless and romantic. And it always helps to have a good cry.

My Top 3 Old Movies:
Click on the title to see the trailer/video clip.

Sabrina: Audrey Hepburn and Humphrey Bogart in a classic love story. Very light, very uplifting.
The Ghost and Mrs.Muir: The first time I saw this, I was babysitting for some neighbors who owned it. They came in just as the credits were rolling down the screen to find me wrapped in one of their blankets and crying my eyes out. It's a wonder full story.

The Maltese Falcon: This is a fun film noir starring Humphrey Bogart as slick private detective Sam Spade on a trail to find the Maltese Falcon who along the way meets Mary Astor as a scheming beauty, Peter Lorre as a slime ball criminal and Sindey Greenstreet as the notorious villain Fat Man.

[2] Baths

Nothing strips off the days stress (and dirt) like a warm bubble bath. The warm water relaxes your muscles and gives you a chance to take an hour to yourself and forget about the days events.

My Top 3 Recommended Products:
Click on the product name to read more.

Body Shop Mango Foaming Bath: Ahhhhhhhh.....and if Mango doesn't quite strike your fancy, it's also available in Shea and Coconut.
Aveda Caribbean Therapy Body Scrub: With coconut, avocado and passion fruit oils.
Redken Smooth Down Butter Treat : A lovely deep conditioner that nourishes, smooths and prevents frizz.

[3] Music

This one is pretty much a guarantee to make you feel better. Listening to your favourite song can really do wonders for your mental health. So go ahead grab that ipod, cd player, radio or put that ghetto blaster up on your shoulders.

My 3 Favourite Songs to Listen to:
Click on the titles to see the music videos

.If You Want to Sing Out, Sing Out by Cat Stevens (this is a funny video)
.Comptine D'un Autre Ete by Yann Tiersen
.All I Have to Do is Dream by The Everly Brothers

[4] Food

Now don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to tell you you should fill the gaping wounds inside of you with strawberry cheesecake till the pain goes away and you go up three pant sizes. I'm just telling you that every so often we do need to sit back and enjoy one of the greatest pleasures in the world: Food.
My Top 3 Comfort Foods:
So many flavours. So many options. So delicious. So comforting. So glorious. I love tea.
1 Part Milk. 30000 Parts Ice-Cream. Can't argue with a classic.
Fruit is amazing and hard to get sick of. Mix some berries(or any other fruit) with yogurt, whipped cream, milk or sugar for an outstanding snack.

[5] Do Something Alone

This may sound a little strange, but it has always helped me in the past. I love my friends and family but sometimes the only thing to make me feel better is to be independent for a while. It's reassuring. You could go to a movie you really wanted to see, you could bring a book to a park and sit down for a while, or you could treat yourself to an expensive latte at a nice coffee shop.
These things are always fun to do with friends but try to take a different spin on it to see what it's like.


Wednesday, February 14, 2007

These are a few of my favourite things
and they arn't kittens and mittens

Train Stations or Stations of Any Kind

There is something romantic and futuristic about them.

Phone Booths

They are so shiny and slick and fun to look at.

City Buses/ Public Transit
I love being on the bus-- it's so relaxing and makes me think that the world is a more organized and nice place. Think about it-- you and almost anyone else can go anywhere for a buck eighty.

Old Junk
I don't mean Urban Outfitters 'vintage' look. I mean actual junk-- like Elvis busts, broken lamps, people's old photographs, diaries, date-books, etc... I just like em.

Old Library Books

I love looking at old books. They smell good, they remind me of this first edition of Heidi I used to have. And even more, I love reading the card slips to see who read the book before me. The other day I took out a book that had last been taken out in 1963.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Down Under

Sometimes, when boredom gets the best of us, we, as human beings, can seek entertainment in the crudest forms of humor. Example: School. It's boring. There is no way around it-- boring. So some friends and I have been playing "In My Pants", No it isn't a guessing game: we all know what lies beneath-- It's a game you have probably heard of which consists of adding, 'In My Pants' to the end of movie, book, and song titles to spice them up a notch. Here are some of my favourites:

1) Bend It Like Beckham In my Pants
2) The Hand That Rocks the Cradle In My Pants
3)Smells Like Teen Spirit In My Pants
4)Finding Nemo In My Pants
5)The Texas Chainsaw Massacre In my Pants
6)Roccy Raccoon In My Pants
7)Shrek In My Pants

So, try it for yourself, and tell me (not literally), what's in your pants?

Tuesday, January 16, 2007


Is it just me, or are people becoming less intelligent? I go to school with 500 of today's youths, and I swear to God they're getting dumber every day. For example, in my science class, instead of asking intelligent questions like, "Which column in the periodic table are the alkali metals found in?", students ask things like: "How come if you chug a sprite and eat a banana, your tummy hurts?", "Sir, did you ever wrestle an alligator?", "How do you make Moonshine?" and "Sir, what does your wife look like?".

What is the world coming to?

The other day, a guy in my class even brought a pillow to class. Or a while back, when another guy in my class stole a Florence flask, filled it with water, mixed some cool-aid in and chugged it before anyone had time to say anything about it. And last year, a girl in my class was handed a detention slip, and she shoved it it her mouth and ate it.
So what are we supposed to think of this? Is it simply typical teenage hormones on a rampage, or are we truly going back to the basics?

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Because You Don't Want to Look Like This:
or do you?

[Top Shop Shirt] [Top Shop Bow Neck Jacket] [Urban Ourfitters Sweater Dress]


[Top Shop Gloves][Banana Republic Slouchy V-Neck][Top Shop Sleevless Blouse with Sash]


[Banana Republic Black Dresses] [American Apparel Backless Mini Dress]

A Touch of Colour

[Top Shop Button Coat] [Urban Outfitters Green Tights][Top Shop T-Strap Shoes]

Happy Boxing Day

Monday, December 11, 2006

Reverse it

Kill. Fuck. Eat.